Transformational Leader & Owner - James Hill
Proven successes with analyzing existing curriculum, system processes & procedures, teaching resources and methods, and working with staff and leadership teams to improve upon them.

Proficiency Pathways Who We Are!

How can we help you prepare your school, system, and students for tomorrow?  At Proficiency Pathways, our solution is simple—to serve as your collaborative partner to help lead your organization to proficiency for all scholars.  We specialize in building community engagement and building partnerships, ELL systems, and culturally responsive practices. We offer services for professional development for timely, relevant content, useful tools and resources to engage students. Additionally, with our program, you can track progress, performance appraisal systems, and gain professional inspiration every day.
"James Hill worked with my company Varsity Tutors on an important education equity project in the Indianapolis school system. Apart from being a seasoned academic leader, James demonstrated considerable talent in project management, programming, and budgeting. I can safely say that the project would not have achieved its goals without Proficiency Pathways on board."
Jon Small
Varsity Tutors LLC
"It has been a pleasure working with James. He is leading some work we are doing with our parents at Tindley Summit Academy focused on academic achievement for students. His passion for the topic is an asset when working with parents. He brings a wealth of knowledge and is the ability to engage the families and keep them motivated."
David McGuire
Principal, Tindley Summit Academy
Phone: 317-464-9674